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Frustrated with your current medication?

Until now, psychiatry has relied on trial-and-error to treat mental health.

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You’re not alone.

We do things differently.

Different people have different brains.

We’re conducting innovative clinical studies to help people find relief faster, by considering your unique brain’s biology throughout treatment. You do not need an existing diagnosis to participate, and can continue your current medication during the study.

Next Steps

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Get In Touch

Following the link below, take a five minute survey to provide basic demographic & diagnostic information, medical history and current symptoms to our study team for review.

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Our Commitment

If you qualify for a research study, you will be contacted by a dedicated study team member to walk through next steps of assessments and participation.

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The Opportunity

After submitting your information, you may be able to join in current or future paid research studies, including those with novel medications as well as observational studies.

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Benefits of Research Participation

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Contribute to Innovation

Your participation has the potential to make a difference for yourself and others struggling with mental health conditions

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Treatment with New Trial Medications

You may have the opportunity to be involved in paid clinical studies including novel therapeutic medications and assessments to track your
mental health over time.

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Receive Dedicated Support

Throughout the study process, you’ll receive support from a dedicated member of our study team.

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